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CCMF Articulation Workshop - Secrets to Win in Developing a Smart Pitching (By Invitation)
日期: 14-07-2022
時間: 15:30 - 17:30

Language: English

Speaker: CMS mentor - Mr. Alvin LamManaging Partner of T12M Ventures & Founder of 18Hall.com

Speaker Biography: 

Alvin founded the PacificLink Group in 1998, a leading digital agency that provides professional web, mobile and social media services to industry leaders. In recognition of his achievements, Alvin was awarded the Outstanding ICT Achiever Award in 2012. Recently, he received the Top Outstanding Designer Award 2015 and Capital CEO of the Year 2017.

Since the 2016 establishment of a Venture Capital and Angel Fund, Alvin has been advising ICT companies on how to scale businesses in quick and sustainable ways with his expertise in digital marketing, growth hacking and M&A strategies. He also launched a Digital marketing media - www.18hall.com - to share and connect with all who are passionate about Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking insights.

Alvin is a guest lecturer for different universities. He is also a business advisor and an angel investor to startups in the digital field. In giving back to the community, Alvin also served as a founding member of Cyberport Investor Network, a director to the Hong Kong Business Angel Network, a council member of HKUST and an advisor to academic departments at several local universities.


15:30 – 16:20 – Presentation on “Sharing on Top 5 Areas you should focus on a successful Pitching Training”

16:20 – 17:00 - Workshop on “How to answer smartly and address challenging questions/comments in presentation” and Q&A

17:00 – 17:30 - Presentation by start-ups (6 mins present and 4 mins to answer questions raised by speaker & Cyberport team) and Feedbacks

For enquiry, please contact training@cyberport.hk.