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Technology Centre

The Technology Centre is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge industry tools and knowledge to Hong Kong in order to develop a diversified technology-oriented local industry with a global outlook and network.   Since its inception in 2003, the Technology Centre (formerly the Digital Media Centre) has supported local businesses through the investment of high-end production equipment, as well as the production of video, film, animation and game content for online platforms. 

With the rapid development of ICT, the Centre has further enhanced its role in the adoption of state-of-the-art technology for digital entertainment, social media, cloud computing and mobility solutions to better help ICT start-ups capture growing opportunities in these four areas.

Digital Cinema Exchange (DCX)  

The Digital Cinema Exchange is a convergence of media and communication technologies that has taken Hong Kong cinema to new heights.  Not only does the Digital Cinema Exchange (DCX) aim to support the Hong Kong film industry in transitioning from film to digital technology, but also in transforming cinema services through the screening of live alternative content, like music concerts.  Technology and innovation provides yet another new model of “Music in Cinema” to a cinema audience.  The DCX platform has also been bringing live sports events to cinemas since 2010.  Such new business opportunities are turning a new page for the digital entertainment industry.

Upon completion of a pilot scheme funded by the Film Development Council in 2011, the Centre has continuously enhanced the DCX platform through the expansion of its network coverage to other local and overseas performing venues and enabling value-added services such as real time advertising and live subtitling in addition to other interactive technology. The Centre continuously extends its DCX capabilities both in scope and depth based on our digital transmission know-how to offer the local theatre industry more innovative, value-added services.

Next Generation Production Services

The Cyberport Technology Centre helps to streamline the production workflow with comprehensive services including 2D to 3D conversion, 2K and 4K editing, digital cinema output.  It is also equipped with 4K digital cinema projection and professional cinema surround sound system to facilitate production screening for content creators. 

Technology Centre is the hub of all incoming and outgoing signal sources for live digital content in Hong Kong.  It is equipped with a full range of automated satellite system ready for 4K satellite downlink.  From 3GHD to 4K, the Centre allows content creators and distributors to enhance their digital output and live broadcasting services to cover a wider geographical range of audience in world-class picture and sound quality.

All these are set to empower Hong Kong’s digital entertainment industry for the marketplace of tomorrow.

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